Forest Warrior

Forest Warrior OCR

I was really looking forward to Forest Warrior as it was my first OCR in quite some time. I’ve been focussing on ultra marathons for the past few years and I’d also had some minor surgery on both arms – only just got the stiches out the week before, so it was with trepidation that I took myself to the start line (having only entered the night before hoping I wasn’t going to fall apart on the first wall!)





















The organisation was good, plenty going on but got my race number and to the start ready for the start of Wave 4. Off we went and I found myself surprisingly at the front of the pack after a few hundred metres. Then came the first set of obstacles; walls, leopard crawls, sand bag carry…. you know the score! Weather was ok so  I kept pretty warm and soon started coming up to the earlier waves and plenty of water obstacles where things started getting a bit cooler. Had some fun helping people, and being helped by others up some very muddy banks then it was time for the tyre carry, which seemed to go on, and on. My dodgy shoulder wasn’t thanking me for the tyre but I was soon in a hilly section where my fell running helped me pick some time up on both the ups and downs.

I then got to the final water obstacle which was the “iceberg”, an inflatable in the middle of a lake, great fun going up and over at which point I heard my wife so I knew I was getting close to the finish. Last km was a run in and some more walls before the finish, a medal and a nice cup of tea! Just wish I had my dryrobe for the end. The course was a lot of fun, challenging and there was a great crowd.



Forest Warrior Jump


































I won my wave and came 3rd overall, which I was really happy with all things considering. I tested out my X-Talon 200s for the first time on an OCR and my 2XU top and bottom combo kept me warm. All in a good day!



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