Born Survivor – 2015

I have raced competitively in many obstacle races, however this would be the first I have attended that would not be timed. Ive been put off a number of events in the past for this reason but with this event only being 30 minutes away from my front door, and having only heard good things about Born SurvivorĀ I was intrigued to give it a whirl.

The sun was shining as we pulled up at the venue. My wife and 2 year old had decided to come along and cheer me on, they chose a perfect morning for it there was hardly any cloud in the sky. The location looked awesome, registration was quick and within no time we were walking in past the impressive Capesthorne Hall and into the event village.

The atmosphere was buzzing with many groups wearing brightly coloured matching t-shirts from different gyms and supporting different charities. I went for a short warm up jog around the starting/finishing area and scouted out a few of the final obstacles, the one that really stood out was the ‘Grenade Killa Bars’ – a solid looking rig with monkey bars down one side and hang tough rings down the other with a tank of water underneath, a definite crowd pleaser.

After a brief chat with a few familiar faces we were hustled into the starting cage for a rather claustrophobic warm up and then sent off on our way through the clouds from smoke grenades. The course was fast and filled with some cracking obstacles including ‘Drop Zone Alpha’ – a slide which stopped short and sent you dropping off the end for a refreshing dip. Plenty of barbed wire crawls mud and walls, the biggest of which being the rather daunting ‘The Blitz’ – a monstrousĀ  wall with a half pipe type ramp in front of it. Speed and momentum would be the only way to get the best of it. Apparently later runners were also given the option of a rope to help them reach the top.

All in all I really enjoyed Born Survivor it was a fun, well organised event for anyone who needs a bit a challenge. Suitable for first timers and experienced runners alike.

A final point to note for the organisers would be to maybe introduce timing or at least a stopwatch timed first wave, which wouldn’t be difficult to organise or costly. This would definitely attract the more competitive obstacle races to their events and thus expanding there audience and publicity. I think this is something Born Survivor need to consider as they move forward with their events in the future.


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