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Race Team


We are pleased to announce Team Brocket Gear for the 2015 Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) season.  The team competed as the Obstacle Kit Race Team last year.  Now that Obstacle Kit have merged with Brocket Gear, the team will be competing as Team Brocket Gear.

Tim Lovett

Tim has been on the OCR scene for what seems like decades.  He knows everything there is to know about every event and knows all the athletes and event organisers - or at least they all know him!  He is a man that takes everything in his stride and not only is he a serious OCR athlete, his knowledge is second to none.  With a wealth of information behind him, we are pleased that he is teaming up with us for the 2015 series.

Favourite course… Judgement Day Copehill Down

Favourite obstacle… Monkey Bars

Most proud moment… Watching the team’s results come in from the 2014 season!

Who is your role model and why? There’s this beautiful chap that pops up whenever I look in a mirror. It’s who I strive to be most like.

My strengths (superpowers) are… The ability to find photographers on a course, no matter how bad the weather is or how far away they are sitting.

My weakness is … Magnum ice creams

Jason Brunnock

Jason spent most of 2013 hitting up and destroying a lot of obstacle course races while managing to stay somewhat under the radar. He shot into the limelight at the beginning of 2014 when he joined elite runners at the invite-only event, Dirty Dozen Backyard Jam. Coming in as a competition winner, Jason smashed the course coming in second, only behind Jon Albon.  After meeting Obstacle Kit at the Backyard Jam event last year as the Mudstacle competition winner, everyone was left open-jawed as Jason's name was first out of the hat and he smashed the course, minutes faster than the previous records. Since then he has been a regular top-5 finisher at most races he's entered and we are sure his new passion for CrossFit will only help improve this. 

Favourite course… There are so many brilliant courses it's difficult to choose just one but it's hard to compete with the permanent ones like Nuts and Nuclear.

Favourite obstacle… I like rope climbs and hilly races I'm not a fan of spear throws.

Most proud moment… The birth of my daughter Lily but OCR wise probably winning Manchester survival of the fittest last year. 

Who is your role model and why?  Jonathan Albon has inspired me and the entire OCR community with his achievements he is an incredible athlete and a top bloke aswell.

My strengths (superpowers) are…  I'm good at walls and grip strength obstacles, I think I have a good power to weight ratio.

My weakness is...  Long heavy carries the sandbag at Judgement day cost me alot of time. But I'm working on it.

Faye ‘Caledawg’ Caley

Faye is an incredibly determined OCR athlete. With multiple top-10 finishes to her name including a 3rd place at Nuclear Races Blackout in March 2014.  Faye is getting faster and faster every race.

Faye joined Team Obstacle Kit for the 2013 Spartan Race in Cambridge and has not looked back since. Faye seems to put everything into everything she does, whether it is work, training, family or racing. No half measures. Tim Lovett describes her as “relentless".  Faye has already been featured in a national UK magazine for her efforts in OCR and we are sure she is going to continue an already storming 2015 race season with Team Brocket Gear. 

Fav course to date: There are now 2 which are the best for the same reasons!! OCR World Champs 2014 & Toughest Ice in Sweden 2015- Most unique, most fun, most fair, most difficult & best bling!! 

Fav obstacle: Platinum Rig- the most satisfying to complete!! 

Most proud moment: Still my First ever podium place; Midlands Spartan Sprint 2013 - Because it was an achievement I believed was unreachable, until hard work and dedication proved me wrong. Kick firing my competitive spirit in sport & go get 'em attitude in all aspects of life. 

Role model: Katy Perry ~ No explanation needed..

Strength: PMA & determination. 

Weakness: Pausing for the camera mid-race.. also getting lost =//

Laura ‘Dudders’ Dudley

Laura is an enthusiastic and driven obstacle course racer catching the bug since her first race at the 5km Rock Solid Race in 2014, where she placed 3rd. Since then Laura has gone from strength to strength with some impressive results including a win at Nuclear Races Blackout.  Within a few minutes of meeting Laura, you instantly notice that she is a very confident young lady. We always get the impression that she knows exactly what she wants and will move Heaven and Earth to get there. This is reflected when you watch her race: Relentless determination.  Happy and bubbly, Dudders is testament to why we compete in OCRs - to have fun.  We are looking forward to watching her progress in 2015 as she becomes an integral part of Team Brocket Gear.

Favourite course… Nuclear races - they supported me from the start. I love everything about them, they think of so much more about just setting up a great course and really provide the perfect day out OCR package, for both fun lovers and elites. 

Favourite obstacle… slides - what better feeling after running to the top of something is there than whizzing effortless back down.   

My proudest moment was standing under the finish line at the first OCR World champs with all the countries flags above me. Id got some amazing advice from Jon at the start line, he had just won and came over to me and Faye to wish us luck before we set off, and told us that winning isn't everything, you have to love what you do and enjoy it and that's exactly what i did, at that finish line I just felt on top of the world! not sure how to ever top it! 

I have lots of role models within OCR but one outside is Anna Campbell, she is a wake boarder and winner of Last Woman Standing, she is an amazing athlete and really lives life with an real passion. 

My weakness is grip strength especially when its wet and muddy! 

My strengths - I never give up 

Jayne ‘Raceyraby’ Raby

Jayne is a seasoned OCR and trail runner, specialising in Brutal mud and long distances!  Well known as taking 1st place in the inaugural ladies' Mudstacle Masters League, we are looking forward to Jayne continuing what was a fantastic 2014 season.  Guinness-drinking Jayne is a real endurance athlete and a testament to what hard work and tough training can achieve, regularly mixing it with her younger counterparts and dominating the masters category.  Like Phill, Jayne spends a lot of time training and racing in the Brutal series and her personality both on and off the race course make her the perfect choice to represent the Brocket Gear Race Team in the ladies masters' category.

Favourite course was def the OCRWC at kings domain in Ohio ... The hills were just so much higher & steeper than any other race & the obstacles so much larger & challenging

Favourite obstacle is the whole of the FIBUA village at Judgement Day Copehill 

Most proud moment was actually being part of team UK at the OCRWC and cheering Jon Albon across the line as he won 

My role model(s) are the whole of team INOV8 as they really are true elites and all have he attitudes and personalities that sum up OCR . If I have to single one out it's Ross MacDonald ... Always approachable, friendly & he stopped at winter nuts to go back and help my daughter who was stuck in a trench! 

My strengths / superpowers:  Crawling at speed through tubes & running on all fours like a dog.  All her strengths come from Guinness!

My weakness is water slides .... I dread them after hurting myself on one, & it's guaranteed I will spin round and end up backwards & head first in the water!!! 

Deborah ‘Binty’ Smith

Binty was a newcomer to competitive OCR in 2014.  She is now experienced in mud runs and obstacle course racing through the FitMK bootcamps and team runs.  Following a play in the mud at the Nuclear Races Summer Party it was clear that Binty not only had a love for the mud but also gelled with the team very well.  With the launch of Brocket Gear, we are keen to see what Binty has to offer at racing against the best for the Brocket Gear Race Team.

Fav race: Nuclear races 

Fav obstacle: Carry downs!

Role model: LAURA DUDLEY!!

Strengths: running. She doesn't need to move mountains she hits them at pace without slowing down and then leaves them for dust!! Another strength of hers is she is about as stubborn as they get! She will not let anything get the better of her even if it resorts her to tears!

Weakness: heights and dunking her head under water... not that that has ever stopped her!